KLUB is KLIFE’s high energy, large group gathering that combines all of the small groups for fun activities with worship and a presentation of the gospel. It is our desire that this would be a place filled with kids who can participate in a safe environment with lots of energy and loads of laughter. A place where truth is heard and hearts begin to be changed.

KLUB is an environment that is meant to be comfortable for people from all backgrounds, and we encourage our students to use this time as an opportunity to reach out to kids in their community that may not have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Super K (3rd-5th) - 1st & 3rd Tuesdays each month                     | 4:00PM-5:15PM

Junior High - 2nd & 4th tuesdays each month | 6:00PM – 7:15PM

HIGH SCHOOL - 1st & 3rd Tuesdays of the month                              | 8:00PM – 9:15PM 



The heart of our ministry is small groups. Each small group is led by one or two KLIFE volunteers who have a heart for ministry and working with kids. Each volunteer has been through an interview process with a staff member, has received a background check, and has signed a commitment to follow Christ in their own life.

Each small group meets weekly and goes through approved small group curriculum. 

Small group times will be determined by the leader of the group based on when everyone is able to meet. The groups are assembled according first to gender, then by groups of friends. Our hope is to bring groups of kids together to build accountability and Christ-centered relationships.